Bonner Votes
The following video explains more about our movement

We believe in these core truths:

Triune God — The Father, His only Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit; as described in the Holy Bible is our true sovereign.

Imago Dei — We are all individually created in God’s image, so we soundly reject secular humanism, collectivism, and advocates or adherents to the supremacy of one group of people over another, such as black nationalists, white supremacists, socialists, communists, members of masonic and similar orders, practitioners of identity politics, et cetera.

Right to Life — Individual life is sacred.

Liberty — Individual liberty is the cornerstone of our republic, which we must defend with our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.

Individual Rights — Liberty is upheld via a series of just negative rights, in particular (but not limited to): freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom in religion, the right to bear arms, the right to acquire and own property, and the right to engage in the pursuit of happiness.

American Exceptionalism — The United States of America was founded on principles endowed by our Creator.

The Constitution - We have been gifted a nation built upon law based in The Constitution, which must be interpreted and implemented as it was originally intended by the Founding Fathers.

Justice — The Constitution and Bill of Rights was designed to enshrine and protect sacred negative rights to be equally administered, free of judicial activism.

Marriage — The union of one man and one woman is the cornerstone of family, community, and nation; thus it is sacrosanct.

Personal Responsibility — We must accept the full mantle of self-governance and accept our own successes and failures.

State’s Rights — Our republic consists of a confederation of individual States in order to protect against the potential tyranny of a federal government, and the authority of a centralized federal government should therefore be strictly and carefully limited.

Fiscal Responsibility — Government at all levels should adhere to the principles of low taxation, maintaining a balanced budget, and opposing pork barrel spending so as not to infringe upon the liberty of individuals.